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Loyalty Card Terms and Condition:
  1. General
    These terms and condition is applicable when you apply for Kidzooona Loyalty Card, hereafter the "VIP Card".
    The member of the loyalty card has taken notice of these terms and condition by filling the application/waiver form.
    By signing the application/waiver form, the member has agreed to these "Terms and Conditions".
  2. Apply for a Kidzooona VIP Card
    Loyalty Card applicant must be 18 years old.
    All sections of the registration form must be completed before a loyalty card is issued.
    These VIP Cards are available at all Kidzooona branches in the Philippines.
    Once the VIP Card is activated, it is non-transferable.
  3. Earning of Points
    Earning points on your VIP card is easy.
    The customer needs to present his/her VIP Card upon payment.
    We will implement the "no card, no point" policy.
    Only the full amount of admission fee, extra adult fee and gift cards will earn 10% on every transaction.
    It means that on every 10 pesos, the customer will earn 1 point.

    For group packages, since we are already giving 10% discount, earning of points will not be applied.
    But the customer can earn points on birthday packages.

    Loyalty card cannot be used in conjuction with other Kidzooona promos or discounts.
    It means that if a customer use a discount coupon or during other promo, no points will be rewarded.

    Additional points can be rewarded during special promotion periods of specific events on store.
    The points on the VIP Cards cannot be converted to cash.
  4. Points Redemption
    For points redemption, the customer needs to present her/his loyalty card together with a valid ID at any Kidzooona branches in the Philippines.

    Only the full amount for the admission fee and extra adult can be redeemed.
    If a customer use any discount coupons during the transaction, redemption of points will not be allowed.

    Every once in a while, our marketing team will have promotional items that can also be redeemed.
  5. Ownership and Use of the "VIP Card"
    The Kidzooona VIP Card is strictly personal and non-transferable.
    The loyalty card member cannot lend out his card.
    Aeon Fantasy Group Philippines Inc. can block and take back a loyalty card when unlawful use is ascerted.
    If this happens, the card will be blocked and all the points will be cancelled.
  6. Changes and Termination
    Aeon Fantasy Group Philippines Inc. has the right to change and/or to cancel benefits on the "VIP Card".
    We also have the right to change or cancel the whole loyalty card program.
    We also reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions but will inform customers with as much notice as practical.
  7. Expiration of VIP Card and Points
    Loyalty Card will expire after 3 years from the date of purchase.
    While the points will expire a year from the month of purchase for each admission.

    All members can renew the VIP Card and the remaining points from the expired card will be transferred to the new VIP card.
  8. Lost VIP Card
    Incase of loss card, the member can purchase a new card and apply for card replacement.
    All the remaining points on his/her lost card will be transferred to the new VIP Card.
    However, we need to verify some details about the customer to authorize the transaction.

    Aeon Fantasy Group Philippines Inc. is not responsible for any liability due to loss or theft of the VIP Card neither due to unauthorized use and/or fraudalent actions. If any presumption of fraud and misuse, Aeon Fantasy Group Philippines Inc. has the right to cancel and terminate the VIP Card.
  9. Privacy Policy
    All personal data and information are protected under the terms of the "Privacy and Data Protection Act". Aeon Fantasy Group Philippines Inc. is entitled to use these data to inform VIP Card Member about additional benefits, news and promotions. The data collected will not be disclosed to third parties, unless it is legally required. When a VIP Card Member does not want to receive any news and promotions, he/she can unregister any time.
  10. Final Provisions
    Aeon Fantasy Group Philippines Inc. reserves the right at our own discretion, to update, to change or to replace any part of these "Terms and Conditions". The continue use of our VIP Card are made constitutes acceptance of these changes.

Aeon Fantasy Group Philippines Inc. may time to time send information about events and promotions via email, text message or post.